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Liru Færs

Singularity 1.8.9: Animesh, Bento, BoM, VMM and Experiences!!

posted Apr 1, 2020, 9:09 PM [ updated May 7, 2020, 4:56 AM ]

This release is a colossal leap forward, and it comes with full support for Animesh, Bento, Bakes on Mesh, Viewer Managed Marketplace, HTTP Asset fetching, and Experiences! Since LL has turned off support for the old method of fetching assets. Liru, Shyotl, and two new additions to the team, Bittenbythedark and Router Gray, have worked really hard to restore OS X support to offer alongside 1.8.9 in an emergency mac release. Our emergency mac release has support for everything mentioned here, and everything from previous releases, but certain random things may be buggy, it will be available soon.


  • Animesh, Bento, and Bakes on Mesh! With substantial performance improvements by Shyotl
  • Massively improved rendering times.
  • Multiple improvements to rendering quality
  • GPU memory allocation now supports greater than 2gb
  • Texture compression option to save GPU memory
  • DPI awareness, viewer takes GUI sizes from windows settings
  • Fixed potential crash under certain circumstances with rigged mesh
  • Optimized Rigged Mesh picking, it is now always enabled at no FPS drop
    • Hold shift to select avatar instead of rigged mesh
  • Fixed issues with glow not displaying correctly
  • Rendering; extensive work on shaders/draw/triangles/tangents.
  • Editing mesh objects now displays outline instead of wireframe
  • Fixed Mesh avatars "blinking".
  • Reworked and massively optimized mesh fetching algorithm
  • Improved cache performance
  • Cache size maximum increased from 2gb to 9gb
  • Various Rendering fixes, glow, gamma, projector reflections and shadows
  • No longer attempts to get mesh Capabilities before Capabilities received (Liru)
  • Added AlwaysRenderFriends debug setting (Shyotl)
    • Added ability to only render friends by setting this to 2 (Liru)
    • Added ability to only render yourself by setting this to 3 (Liru)
  • New stunning Post Process Effect presets(PPE) by PyKat(PyFX)
    • PPE can now be set from the Quick Settings Panel and so you can quickly switch between effects, the button beside that allows you to tweak them and make your own.
    • PPE now persist between relogs
  • The GPU Table has been updated (Router)
    • AMD Vega and RX, and Nvidia RTX have been added
    • Missing GTX Cards have been added (Henri Beauchamp)


  • Viewer Managed Marketplace! (Liru)
    • Merchants can rejoice as VMM now works in
    • In menu as World->Marketplace Listings
    • Add this to toolbar via View->Change Toolbar Buttons, Marketplace Listings
    • Expanded VMM with ability to right-click VMM folders and copy their listing ID
  • Marketplace under World and through a toolbar button option are also now available
    • Marketplace under World and through a toolbar button option are also now available
  • Ability to have newly received Marketplace items appear in notification instead of local chat
  • Inventory UI Optimizations
  • Allow filtering of links/no links in inventory
  • Login to your saved Favorites destinations like in LL Viewer.
  • Viewer AO Improvements
    • Added ability to swim when flying underwater (enable in AO floater)
      • AO Remote now offers Force Swim button (swim when flying!)
    • Added Typing Override
    • AO is now optionally per account
    • AO code has been overhauled and optimized heavily
  • Re-enabled import/export of wearables XML.
  • Fix for attachments disappearing on teleport/region cross (Liru, Ansariel)


  • Links in the viewer now work like in other viewers (Liru)
    • SLURLs now resolve to usernames, locations, and whatever else, fixing display of script messages that rely on this.
    • Links in profiles now work.
    • Underline when mouse hovers Links. (when SinguAlwaysUnderlineLinks is false)
    • HTMLAgentColor now dictates the color of usernames resolved from SLURLs
    • Wiki-style link formatting now works
      • Selecting, right-click->Copy Raw allows copying the actual text behind the link
      • Hovering over text formatted like this will show you the destination link
      • This formatting does not affect chat logs
      • SinguReplaceLinks turns this off in script dialogs and chat
    • \<nolink>These will display whatever is between them unreplaced.\</nolink>
    • Your chat log will always store the pure unresolved version of chat.
  • Text Boxes and Line Editors that only contain the name of an avatar or group now link
    • They provide profile on click (unless you're already on that profile), and a menu on right click
    • To denote this ability, these parts of the UI now are in HTMLAgentColor or HTMLLinkColor when they can be interacted with
    • These parts of UI now show the name configuration selected in preferences, instead of uncontrollable use of legacy names
  • Places providing group names now offer right click menus with useful options
    • This includes group lists on profiles and the My Groups panel
  • Object Area Search and Object SLURLs now have a rudimentary right click menu
    • Right click menu offers many features, including interaction with owner
  • Group Notices have been reorganized to waste less space
    • Author name and group name are now SLURLs
  • Notifications in the bottom right are now kept around for interaction while moused over
  • The Minimap now offers all the right click avatar options, when hovering avatars
  • Avatar and Object right click UI menus and pie menus now include
    • Move To option, to engage autopilot and go to their location
    • Follow option, to engage follow pilot feature
      • Follow Pilot will fly when
        • Target avatar is in air, higher than you
        • Target is object and you are already flying
      • SinguFollowDistance sets distance for closing in on target
      • Follow Pilot will sit when target avatar sits
        • If target is ground sitting, will reach desired distance first
        • If target is sitting on an object, will sit on that object
        • If cannot reach the target's seat, will ground sit
      • Follow Pilot will stand when target stands
      • Follow will automatically accept teleport offers/requests from the target
      • If the target disappears, Pilot will wait for their return
      • Certain movement disengages pilot, so does hitting escape
  • Avatar right click UI menus now offer Find on Map
  • Debug Settings list now shows descriptions tooltips on hover
  • Length of notecards and Scripts are no longer limited by the viewer, the grid will fail to save them if they are deemed too large.
  • Scripts lines with trailing spaces now have those spaces removed when sent to the server
    • This feature will not break strings with spaces
    • This is only noticeable upon reopening the script, so as not to interrupt editing
  • Ability to separate llOwnerSay into script debug console with SinguOwnerSayAsErrors
  • Prevent menus from clipping off the top of the screen (Shyotl)
  • Fixed ring rendering glitch on minimap when UI scale greater than 1.0. (Liru)
  • Speaker list in IM/Conf/Group sped up for large groups
  • Most lists of names(groups/avatars/experiences) now offer double click to open profile
  • The Minimap menu now offers functions for multiple avatars and most functionality from the radar right click menu
  • Minimap color marking has been combined with the Radar's marking
    • Marking via Radar button now marks in Red
    • Radar now has its own Mark submenu on right click
    • Mark column now has colored X based on Mark color
    • Marking is still per session, not persistent
    • Mark color usage in tags and chat can now be disabled via LiruUseMarkedColor
  • LogChatColor has been added to be able to change loaded chat history color.
  • The arrow to put the build floater into tiny mode has been moved to the top bar
  • The Texture Picker has had a minor redesign to better display everything at once
    • The BOM UI from LL has been rejected and redesigned for ease of use
  • The abuse report floater now shows categories the grid gives it
  • Improved pie menu rendering to not lose FPS
  • Transparency/Opacity for floaters in Foreground and Background can be set independently in Vanity preferences.
  • The 2nd Life tab of profiles has been realigned and polished
    • Hovering over account info now displays a tooltip, in case it is too wide
  • CEF update to latest Dullahan
    • Patches vulnerabilities in old chromium
    • Uses VLC to process media
    • Ctrl-Shift-I or Right click, Web Inspector
    • Right Click, Show Source
    • Right Click, Copy Page URL
  • Font update (Liru and RyeMutt)
    • Added support for emoji on Windows (Deltek)
  • Pie Menu Tools->Avatar submenu (Shyotl)


  • Experience tools support (Liru)
    • Experiences (not experience events) in lists may be double clicked for profile
    • Experiences offer right click menus anywhere their names can be found
    • Experience profile images can be clicked to open the picture bigger
  • Ability to change any debug setting from local chat
    • Syntax is /setdebug <CaseSensitiveSettingName> <newvalue> for example:
/setdebug RenderGlowIterations 20
  • To toggle use the syntax /setdebug <CaseSensitiveSettingName>
  • You can store a stack of debug settings in a gesture to automate processes, for example, setting graphics quality, show look-at, etc. We're excited to see what you come up with!
  • Added /setchannel command to set the default nearby chat channel (Alchemy)
  • Added /sethome command to set your home from chatbar
  • Emergency Teleport time and destinations can now be set in System > Security & Privacy (Liru)
  • Added updated Estate Access Management tools, but with far better UI than LL offers
  • Ability to "Abuse Report" from instant messages.
  • Ability to "Add to conference" from conferences and instant messages.
  • Ending a conference call, now turns the mic off.
  • Autoreplace can be as long as any typed chat input.
    • Especially useful for sending entire sentences or paragraphs that you frequently use, by allocating it a keyword in autoreplace.
  • Local textures are now stored on logout, so you can keep building without the hassle!
  • Added ability to focus Cam on user from Active Speakers
  • Estate tools now offer a "Focus on" button for top scripts/objects
  • Shouts are now displayed in bold
  • Clicking Friends Online notifications can be set to do nothing, start an IM (default), or open their profile (LiruOnlineNotificationBehavior)
  • Keyboard shortcut for Avatar Complexity CTRL+SHIFT+ALT+C
  • Added Land Impact (LI) and Complexity to hover tips
  • Classic search is back by popular demand.
  • Removed warning for temp texture uploads in SL
  • Login destination can now be chosen from SL login page
  • Show muted text in local chat now persists relogs
  • Radar updates
    • New column to indicate presence of profile notes (right click or see extras)
    • Eject from estate now correctly kicks from estate instead of sending home
    • Announce setting no longer spams each time it is opened
      • Behavior can be adjusted with RadarAlertFlood settings
    • Sorting order is now remembered
  • Refreshing currency balance by user input now notifies you in chat
  • Ability to mute objects from dialog menu
  • Ability to open profiles from the mute list via double click
  • ProductEngines treated as Lindens and colored accordingly.
  • Show channel number on textbox dialog (Shyotl)
  • RLVa updates (Liru)
    • Support remattach:<uuid> (thanks to Caeil for the assistance!)
    • Allow inexact group name matches
  • Numerous code clean-ups and optimization
  • Frequent disconnects on teleporting, region crossings, fixed. (Liru, Shyotl)
  • Updated translations for Spanish (Damian)
  • Updated translations for French (Nomade Zhao)
  • Fixed skin previews not displaying (Liru)
  • Fixed log button displaying on own profile
  • Fixed triggering of Mouselook button inappropriately for certain HUDs
  • Fixed Minimap property line corruption between regions.
  • Fixed Parcel ban lines not showing.
  • Fixed frequent "unable to add texture" error in linksets.
  • Fixed incorrect attribute applied to shortened moap homepage urls.
  • Updated max agent limit in estate tools to new high in SL.
  • Added Land Impact and Render Cost to hover tips
  • Added support for chat SLURLs
  • Added support for modern event SLURLs
  • Keyword highlighting now triggers on system messages (even for the name field!)
  • Applying a no-copy texture to an object no longer crashes the viewer.
  • Fixed automatic removal of attached TPV bridges (Arudora)
  • Updated from FMOD Studio 1.0 to 2.0 (Naiyoko, Bittenbythedark, Router, Rye)


  • New Update Notifier by Shyotl
    • Uses github, preserving our commitment to not "phone home" unlike other 3rd party viewers.
    • We now no longer wrap the grid login page with our updater
  • Added Singularity main group to the Help menu in SL, for ease of joining. (Liru)
  • Added ability to identify viewer support group chats on any grid
    • These chats now have a checkbox at the top for sharing build number and type
    • In these groups, RLV disabling IM will not apply, Support is always out of character
  • Build number now shows on the window title bar. Easily visible for support and testing
  • Crash reporting has been overhauled and works once more (Rye, Liru)
    • Crash data will not be sent unless CrashSubmitBehavior is set to 1

Other Grids

  • Opensim passwords now support up to 24 characters. (Liru)
  • SLURLs copied from minimap now use x-grid-info instead of https
  • X-Grid SLURLs display resolved to their locations like on SL
  • EAM implementation maintains support for older OpenSim grids
  • Added support for whitecore sim (future of aurora, handled the same way)
  • Added support for halcyon based grids (handled like opensim for now)
  • Added support for x-grid-info SLURL protocol
  • Added support for grid dependent partnering help URL (Bittenbythedark)

We realize this release has been a long wait for those of you not on the alpha or test builds, and we're working on infrastructure to deliver speedier updates in the future. In closing, the team would like to thank everyone credited above; Asriazh, Beware, Cheesy, Gooz, Kitty Barnett, MyBrains, Nomade Zhao, Sappa, Tazy, Testicular Slingshot, Torric, Yoshiko; everyone who tested the betas, alphas and test builds; for reducing our Windows build time; the Alchemy Viewer Team for sharing the infrastructure; everyone who supports us and you, for sticking around through this giant wall of text. Now get out there and enjoy the new release!

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Liru Færs

Bento Builds

posted Jan 6, 2019, 10:19 AM

Yes, we have alpha builds; yes, they support bento. The link has been in the sidebar for so long. But here, have a link. Also, I apologize for not having posted this sooner. We plan to have more builds out soon. There are plenty of features and fixes in these builds as well, and we'd love to have your feedback. Our alpha builds are what become our release builds, so please don't be scared off by the title, they're usually more stable than our last release! (And if they're not, you better tell us before they become our release!)

Anyways, Happy New Year from the Singularity Team!

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Shyotl Kuhr
Liru Færs

Release 1.8.7

posted Jun 16, 2016, 4:14 AM by Shyotl K [ updated Jun 20, 2016, 1:57 AM by Liru Færs ]

This past year has been a tumultuous one for our team, one of our developers passed away, another one left to pursue other interests, we were hampered in our ability to update and test the viewer by a lack of infrastructure and hardware issues. It was not all bad, as we recently gained a new developer, miKa-Pyon, most of our hardware issues were resolved, and we’re working on improvements with renewed vigor.

Nevertheless, Singularity is constantly evolving, and as we move on to new technologies, we cannot retain support for older platforms. Our toolchain has been updated, we now use modern programming language features which require recent GCC and Microsoft Visual Studio™ 2015. Unfortunately, as part of this required toolchain update, some older platforms have become too burdensome if not impossible to support. On the upside, thanks to these newer language features we can write better code and get better performance for the viewer. Not only can we use modern C++, we are also able to share code and prebuilt libraries with our sister project, Alchemy Viewer, this is highly beneficial as the development workload is now halved between our two projects. Due to these updates, those compiling our project will find that we now make use of autobuild. While making 32-bit linux builds is very high on our agenda, it requires a large effort and did not make this deadline. We are currently in need of a Mac developer to help us get Singularity for macOS back on track and building again.

Now, on to the other changes (There are a lot of them):

Skin Changes:

  • ‘Gemini’ now included as part of standard release. The default skin is still ‘Dark’, but this skin is a nice dark-themed alternative.
  • We’ve recreated the skins package.
    • It now has Dark Green skin by SLB Wirefly.
    • Skin files have been cleaned up, resulting in a substantially smaller on-disk size. (Shyotl)

Translation Changes:

  • As usual, the French and Spanish translations were heavily updated as we evolved (Nomade Zhao, Damian Zhaoying)
  • The German translation is now being upkept by miKa!

Grid Compatibility Changes:

  • Latest inventory protocol (AISv3) support has been merged in to maintain future compatibility with the SecondLife grid. (Shyotl)
  • QtWebkit browser has been replaced with a Chromium variant.
  • SSL library has been updated and includes TLS 1.2 support.
  • SLVoice (vivox) has been updated to latest version
  • Serverside baking (sunshine) baking implementation has been updated. (Shyotl)
  • Avatar render info is now reported to the sim.

General New Features:

  • Added Mouselook IFF feature. Displays name under crosshair matching coloration of avatar on minimap (Input Prefs) (Alchemy)
  • Mouselook can now show position and health, if damage is on. (Input Prefs) (Alchemy)
  • Added the Region Tracker which allows monitoring of multiple regions in a single floater (Alchemy)
  • Hover height slider added to Quick Settings Panel popup (bottom right corner)
  • /hover command has been added. Supports values -2.0 through 2.0.
  • Folder links now support drag-and drop operations, as well as pasting.
  • Teleport and Look options have been added to Area Search.
  • Antispam supports filtering receipt of landmarks. (Adv. Chat->Antispam)
  • You can now edit descriptions and names of multiple objects selected in bulk. (Liru Færs)
  • A Cloud Setting option has been added to the Windlight Floater (Alchemy)
  • Edit Linked Parts display of impact has been improved.
  • You can now pan in and out with alt-shift + pgup/pgdn/e/c (ctrl-shift + pgup/pgdn/e/c in Linux)
  • You can now hide your own lookat beacon (System->Security & Privacy) (Alchemy)

Local Gesture Preview Feature:

  • Adds a dropdown option to gesture preview button to preview locally.
  • Chat done in gestures will be local, along with sounds and animations being played locally
    • Note that any chat commands in gestures will still work as they normally would.

General Interface Changes:

  • Drop Targets, like the ones in the autoresponse preferences now have a clear button. (Liru Færs)
  • Double-Click Autopilot is now offered in System Prefs->General.
  • Made the snapshot floater shorter by changing that radio group to a combo box~
  • Search All tab now behaves similar to modern Web search, as the original Search All page is no longer maintained * by Linden Lab and no longer behaves properly.

Available Toolbar Button Changes:

  • Added Quit, Region Tracker
  • Autoreplace button now comes with a toggle to turn it on and off

Menu changes:

  • Help->Grid Status
  • Fake Away, Busy, and Away are now in World->Status
  • Option to sit on away added to World->Status (Alchemy)
  • World->Status->Autoresponse
  • Singularity->Resync Animations (alternative to /resync command)

New list right-click menu options:

  • Multiple avatars can be selected to invite to group.
  • Share, which lets you easily send an inventory item directly from your inventory to someone else or to a group of people.
  • Chat History (opens your chat log, if you have one with the selected person)

Radar is now more functional and optimized (Liru Færs, Mika Pyon)

  • You can now see avatar distance in alerts about their range (right click the radar, Alerts->"Include distance in alerts")
  • Fixed the rare spam of enter/leave messages
  • No more rate control, updates happen instantly as we get the messages.
  • Title now updates more appropriately
  • No longer spams chat on teleport (Sim Federal of Alchemy)

Improvements to friends list:

  • Search should now work right
  • Online Count should be more accurate.
  • When changing friend rights, only the checkboxes are locked, no longer the entire list.

Avatar Profile Changes:

  • Mute button now displays mute status
  • Added buttons:
    • Copy SLURL (Part of Copy Key flyout)
    • Log

Chat UI Changes:

  • New options in IM Flyout menu
    • Focus (Shows up while avatar is in the sim)
    • Find on Map (Shows up when/if map rights are given)
  • IM Tabs can now be configured to show names in different formats (Adv. Chat->Chat UI)
  • Autoresponse Changes:
    • New UI setup in preferences
    • Autoresponse to muted changes
    • No longer unmutes by sending items
    • Can be shown when sent (displays in local chat)
    • Option to send autoresponse only if away
    • Can now change autoresponse settings from World->Status->autoresponse
  • Add the option to block conferences from nonfriends exclusively (Communication prefs)
  • We fixed a long standing issue where some objects chatting would not get linked because we didn’t see them in the world for whatever reason.
  • Clicking a “[Friend] is Online” notification will now open an IM with them (Liru Færs)

RLVa updates (Liru Færs)

  • Don't filter parts of words out just because they match a name under restraint
  • Escape potentially dirty strings before using them as regex in replace_all_regex
  • @shownametags support
    • Radar no longer hides when @shownames restricted, it just hides names
    • Radar will alert when @shownames restricted, but not when @shownametags restricted
    • Radar will not offer menu when @shownames or @shownametags restricted, and the IM and Profile buttons will disable.
  • When @shownames restricted, allow offering calling cards now.
  • Support RLV 2.9 features: @camunlock, @camavdist, @camzoommax, @camzoommin, @camdistmax, @camdistmin (Liru Færs)
  • IFF respects RLVa @adjustheight now supports hover height instead of being deprecated (Kitty Barnett)

Performance, Stability, and Maintenance:

  • FMOD Ex has been updated to FMOD Studio. (Shyotl, Drake)
  • Build infrastructure has been migrated to autobuild. (Shyotl, Drake)
  • Numerous leak and crash fixes have been merged in from Alchemy.
  • FastTimer (Performance profiler) CPU impact has been lessened (Siana)
  • Alt-enter on login screen will no longer cause full screen on login.
  • Once again possible to view land impact of individual linked prims.
  • GPU Table has been updated to include broader range of newer hardware.
  • Select improvements from viewer-stare have been merged. (Cinder Roxley)
  • File Picker responsiveness has been improved. (Shyotl)
  • Updated mesh implementation and fixed a few render-related bugs. (Shyotl)
  • Physics Shapes debug render has been fixed~ (miKa Pyon)

Opensim features and fixes:

  • Support GridName (Liru Færs)
  • Fix name lookup fails when a grid does not have NameLookupURL
  • Server Release Notes won’t show in about floater if the region lacks the capability.
  • SL menu items will now hide themselves on opensim grids.
  • We now allow longer login URIs in the login screen’s input box.
  • Name resolution code has been improved
  • World Map Textures on Minimap in variable size regions has been fixed (Liru Færs, Shyotl)
  • Property lines on minimap are now drawn properly for variable size regions
  • In pay floaters, the proper currency symbol will now be displayed
  • We now respect login response with "classified_fee" (otherwise 0 is assumed)
  • Suitcase Folder icon and type support (Cinder Roxley)
  • Added hack for opensim’s broken folder types (Drake Arconis)

Other resolved JIRAs: FIRE-15189 (Liru Færs, Ansariel Hiller), STORM-1949 (Cinder), SV-1234, SV-1539, SV-1548, SV-1653, SV-1654, SV-1670, SV-1690, SV-1696, SV-1755, SV-1761, SV-1791, SV-1827, SV-1849, SV-1850, SV-1897 (Text Chat->"Letter keys start typing into local chat"), SV-1925, SV-1930, SV-1931, SV-1932 (Group member count now shown), SV-1945, SV-1946, SV-1954, SV-1957, SV-1978, SV-1979, SV-2005, SV-2028 (Adeon Writer), SV-2042, SV-2054, SV-2056, SV-2065 MAINT-3562 FIXED Viewer crashes when updating local textures using Substance Designer : add code for control input buffer size (Vir Linden)

Special thanks goes out to Adeon Writer, Cale Flanagan, Damian Zhaoying, Deltek Minotaur, Diva Canto, Eva Darkwyr, Fritigern Gothly, Gamer Expert, Melissa, MiVo, Nomade Zhao, Pure Bluestar, Router Gray, Shamara Henley, Tazy Scientist, YanewS, and all our other testers and bug reporters, and everyone who sends in crash reports, and you, yes you, you took the time to read through this, so thank you for caring!

Lastly, we’d like to dedicate this release in memory of Latif Khalifa (lkalif), who has contributed so much to this and other viewers and opensource metaverse projects, like his own Radegast viewer, libomv, and OpenSim. His contributions to the metaverse have been invaluable and are too numerous to mention. Suffice to say that without him, the metaverse would not have been what it is today.

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Siana Gearz

Farewell, Latif

posted Mar 8, 2016, 1:19 PM

Recently we heard from a common friend, that our long-time friend and contributor Latif Khalifa has passed away. Kinda waited for him to pop back up and yell that the rumours of his demise are greatly exaggerated, but this is apparently not happening. He helped us organize the project and taught us a lot and set up some of our crucial infrastructure. His contributions to other open-source projects shall also live on. Our condolences to his friends&family!

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Shyotl Kuhr Supplemental Release for AMD users.

posted Feb 27, 2015, 6:14 AM

This is a minor patch release purely intended for users with AMD graphics cards. It resolves the issues displaying rigged meshes when using Catalyst Driver releases newer than version 14.9. There are no other changes included in this release, so if you're currently on 1.8.6 and this change is not relevant to you, then feel free to ignore this update.

· 7 min read
Liru Færs

1.8.6 - Release

posted Sep 4, 2014, 12:00 PM [ updated Sep 4, 2014, 2:24 PM ]

This release brings……

  • Ability to select buttons displayed on the viewer’s bottom toolbar. (View -> Change toolbar buttons) (Lirusaito)
  • Emergency teleport when region is about to restart (see prefs section) (Lirusaito)
  • Enhanced region restart warnings from STORM-1980 (Jonathan Yap, Lirusaito)
  • Portability Mode, have the viewer bring things like log, settings, cache, and chat logs along with it (Lirusaito)
    • Install to a USB, use --portable arg, or use the provided shortcut as a template
    • Settings are saved to a separate folder from the viewer, so don’t worry about removing the viewer folder when updating
  • Graphics engine improvements (Shyotl)
    • Experimental volume face batching changes, allow +~10% larger mean batch size
    • Added adaptive vsync support (see prefs section)
    • Fixed an issue where hud-attached prims would go missing after a teleport
    • Fixed fitted mesh distortions that were caused by using more OpenGL uniforms than hardware supported
  • Avoid problems when meshes with invalid joint names are encountered (Shyotl)
  • Reduce load on hard disk when downloading meshes (Shyotl)
  • Added Auto-replace text feature from upstream (Lirusaito)
  • RLVa updates from upstream (RLV 2.8.0 RLVa 1.4.10) (Lirusaito/Kitty Barnett)
  • Updated Voice SDK from Vivox to version 4.6 on Windows and Mac (Lirusaito, Latif)
  • Menus on the region estate panel’s scroll lists (Lirusaito)
  • Login panel no longer resets fields after a failed login attempt (Lirusaito)
  • Mini-map enhancements (Lirusaito)
    • From Kitty Barnett’s Catznip Viewer:
      • Show parcels (Minimap menu: “Show” submenu: “Property Lines” & “Parcels for Sale”)
      • Option to use world map textures: (Minimap menu: “World Map Textures”)
    • Scroll zoom is now based on where your mouse is, if centering on camera is off
    • Option to show tracking circles around people selected on the radar while the radar is visible (Minimap menu: “Show” submenu: “Radar Tracking Circles”)
    • Marking on the minimap now changes custom coloring of avatar tags (per session)
    • Multiple selection tool from Exodus:
      • On mouseover, a circle is shown beneath your cursor, this is the effective range of right clicking to mark
      • Change the range by holding Shift while scrolling
      • Other menu functions invoked on right click still only work on the closest dot to your mouse
  • Voice status column in radar, and other radar improvements (Lirusaito)
  • Fix radar notification spam when an avatar leaves region boundaries but there’s no neighboring region for them to cross into (Sim Federal)
  • Beacon enhancements (Jonathan Yap, Lirusaito)
    • Blue and Red beams now denote height of tracked position
  • Updated Qarl’s Alignment Tool (Lirusaito)
  • Name System update (see prefs section) (Lirusaito)
    • It is now possible to select how names are displayed on individual lists
    • For instance, you can choose to display radar and friend list with a different combination of name / display name
    • Added 4th option, in addition to only legacy name, only display name, display name (legacy name), now also legacy name (display name)
  • Option to Copy SLURL for an avatar’s profile added to the pulldown menu for IMs (Lirusaito)
  • Open external editor for viewing history on Mac (Cinder)
  • Ability to be notified with a ding when a new message arrives in a group or conference chat (Lirusaito)
  • Voice IMs now work on Opensim grids (Latif)
  • Chatbar command “/regionsay msg" to do region-wide messages without needing to go through the region/estate floater for estate managers (Lirusaito)
  • Fixed memory leaks in animation system (Aleric)
  • Auto-syncing of couples animations (Aleric)
  • Object Import/Export enhancements, including improvements from Cool VL Viewer (Lirusaito)
    • This includes support for Materials (specular and normal maps), Object Physics and Light Image (Thanks to Henri Beauchamp for adding a bug fix to this)
  • Made prim-torture limits standardized with other viewers (Lirusaito)
  • Support for Xbox controllers, Ouya controllers, and Dual Shock controllers (using motioninjoy as Dual Shocks, this will support the six axes)
  • Added support for Controller Keys, inspired by similar code and control-scheme by CtrlAltStudio Viewer (Lirusaito)
    • A = Alt, B = Shift, X = Ctrl, Y = Escape
    • Back = Toggle Flycam mode (fun!)
    • Start = Toggle Cursor mode
    • Right Stick Click = Toggle Mouselook
    • Left Stick Click = Jump/Fly
    • PS Logo = Sit (Specific to motioninjoy as PS controller)
  • Avatar and object reload now re-fetches both textures, and materials (Shyotl)
  • Display date not just time in Teleport History (Lirusaito)
  • MAINT-3530: Add viewer checkbox to extend parcel entry limits to a higher ceiling (Lirusaito/Linden Lab)
    • This option can be found in the Region/Estate floater
  • Several Look At beacons improvements (see prefs section) (Lirusaito)
  • Ability to remove saved login credentials (Lirusaito)
  • Show how many scripts are actually running, and how many are mono, when doing a script count (Lirusaito)
  • Prevent people from wearing their whole inventory (Aleric)
  • Allow items that end up outside the main inventory and that cannot be interacted with to be moved to “Lost and Found” folder. Based on Kitty Barnett’s solution (Lirusaito)
  • Merged group bans functionality from upstream (Lirusaito)
    • Ban From Group option added to right click menus in avatar lists
  • Status bar search now searches in all applicable tabs (Lirusaito)
  • Spanish translation updates (Damian Zhaoying)
  • French translation updates (Nomade Zhao)
  • Changes to Preferences:
    • System -> Security is now System ->Security & Privacy
      • Emergency Teleport landmark drop targets. The viewer will attempt to teleport to these locations automatically 20 seconds before the region shuts down.
      • Render muted avatars (Lirusaito)
      • Announce in chat when people bump you (Lirusaito)
      • Lines from avatar to their lookat beacons (Alchemy Viewer)
      • Customizable name display for lookat beacons
    • Input & Camera
      • Azerty keyboard support (Lirusaito)
      • Realistic Mouselook (Niran, Lirusaito, Alchemy Viewer)
    • Adv. Chat -> Chat UI
      • Format for names in lists
      • Autoscroll for automatic scroll to the bottom of chat when it gains focus (Lirusaito)
    • Graphics
      • Hardware tab, VSync, adaptive (provided the driver supports it)
      • Depth of Field tab added
    • Vanity->Main, Connect to neighboring regions: Save bandwidth & CPU usage by not connecting to neighbouring regions (Lirusaito, Alchemy Viewer)
  • New/Changed Floaters:
    • Destination Guide. For OpenSim allow the destination guide to change when hypergrid jumping (World->Destinations) (Lirusaito)
    • Default Avatar Picker Floater (World->Default Avatars) (Lirusaito)
    • Detailed Land Impact display from upstream (Lirusaito)
    • New media filter implementation (Cinder)
    • The default permissions floater has been overhauled, it now matches the one found in the LL Viewer where permissions for each individual type of item are offered (Lirusaito)
  • New Debug Settings:
    • LiruNewMessageSoundIMsOn: Enable ding by default on P2P IMs
    • AutoresponseOnlyIfAway: Autorespond only sent when AFK/FakeAway (Lirusaito)
    • LiruCrosshairColor: Mouselook crosshair color
    • LiruHighlightNewInventory: prevent selection being changed on accepting new inventory.
    • RightClickTurnsAvatar: (don’t) turn when right clicking on objects (Lirusaito)
    • SFMapShowRegionPositions: Show region positions on the map (Sim Federal)
    • LiruShowTransactionThreshold: Filter out low amount transaction notifications

A special thanks to the users who attended our first official meeting in-world; to those of you who couldn’t come or didn’t know, we promise the next one will be much better timing for people across the world and better advertised in advance. ~ Lirusaito

The Singularity development team would like to thank everyone who has helped make Singularity better by testing alphas, reporting bugs, and suggesting great features.

· 4 min read
Liru Færs

1.8.5 - Release

posted Jan 28, 2014, 5:01 PM [ updated Jan 28, 2014, 8:24 PM ]

Siana added a new way to move around the virtual worlds by using a mouse. Clicking on your avatar and holding the left mouse button pressed already allows you to look around when mouse is moved. Now, while still keeping the left mouse pressed, you can press and hold the right mouse button which will let you move around just using a mouse. This works on both walking and flying mode.

Thanks to Shyotl, this release also brings significant performance improvements for the rendering engine. Support for “Fitted Mesh” has been merged allowing better fitting mesh garments. For more details, see this post. Creating this new type of mesh is explained on the wiki.

  • Fixes to shader compilation problems and standards compliance issues (Andros Baphomet)
  • Merged new revoke animations functionality (Sovereign Engineer)
  • Added enhanced support for Nvidia cards (NVAPI) which among other things allows automatic use of discrete GPU in dual GPU systems (Sovereign Engineer)
  • Allow alt-camming and terrain parcel selection from farther away, easing tasks such as partitioning regions and zooming around (Latif, Lirusaito)
  • Enhanced support for Intel GPUs on Linux (Siana)
  • Underwater shadows (Shyotl)
  • Fixed a crash often experienced on OpenSim grid where the server would provide an invalid HTTP response (Aleric)
  • Entering login URLs in the Grid Manager made more robust (Aleric)
  • Prevent modifications of stock grid in the Grid Manager that could leave the viewer non-functional (Siana)
  • Increase HTTPS connection timeouts which should improve the reliability on low-end machines (Aleric)
  • French translation updates (Nomade)
  • Initial work on Italian translation (Druskus)
  • Fixed closing of the pay floater (Siana)
  • CrashReportID debug setting will store the ID of the last crash reported to the Singularity Crash Processing System (Latif)
  • Fixed issue 1264: “Vacant lines in Friends list” (Lirusaito)
  • SSAO separated into its own shader allowing speed optimization by running it at a lower-than-native framebuffer resolution (Shyotl)
  • Display cost per sq. m. for parcels on sale on the map (Lirusaito)
  • Several improvements to the performance of the rendering engine (Shyotl)
  • Fixed issues where editing attachments would permanently freeze the avatar (Aleric)
  • Fixed a crash when handling attachments that was one of the leading causes of problems on OpenSim (Aleric)
  • Prevent deleting cache folder on startup when it’s set to a non-standard location (Aleric)
  • Correctly inform the simulator about the bandwidth setting in Preferences -> Network (Latif)
  • Improved performance of glow and ribbon particles (Shyotl)
  • Removed calls to fixed function OpenGL calls when shaders are enabled (Shyotl)
  • Merged Fitted Mesh changes (Latif)
  • Allow customize appearance floater to be resized (Lirusaito)
  • Mouselook Enhancements (Lirusaito)
    • Mouselook UI toggles - Decide which parts of UI to show when in mouselook
      • Input & Camera-> UI Hidden in mouselook section
    • Ability to alt-tab and maintain mouselook
  • View->Reset Camera Preset Angle to Default option added for undoing changes made to camera angle by ctrl and/or shift+scrolling (Lirusaito)
    • The option to change camera angle through this method is now off by default
    • If your camera angle had been messed up in the last release, this option can spare you a full reset
  • Focus Next/Previous in radar will now cycle back to the top/bottom when it reaches there. (Lirusaito)
  • Fixed inability to change media settings for an already applied media texture unless media texture is removed and reapplied. (MATBUG-240) (Lirusaito)
  • Fix last online being a zeroed out date when it should show up as unknown (Lirusaito)
  • Fix Toggle Mute not working from the menus shown when right clicking avatar names from a list (Lirusaito)
  • Fix delete key not working in some cases when typing (Lirusaito)
  • Added new lsl functions: llScaleByFactor, llGetMinScaleFactor, and llGetMaxScaleFactor (Lirusaito)
  • To Linux Users: When you update to this version, your graphics preferences will reset! If you value them, make a screenshot before you run the new version. This is brought on by a change made to better identification of graphics cards.

The Singularity development team would like to thank everyone who has helped make Singularity better by testing alphas, reporting bugs, and suggesting great features.

· 3 min read
Latif Khalifa

1.8.4 - Release

posted Nov 14, 2013, 11:23 AM [ updated Nov 16, 2013, 11:25 AM ]

Singularity now supports display of object materials and the enhancements to the particle system (glowing and ribbon particles). This release also adds a native Windows 64-bit support and a host of new features and bug fixes:

  • Merged support for materials and the new particle system capabilities. Enhanced and improved the performance of these features. (Shyotl)
    • Added setting 'SHAlwaysSoftenShadows' to soften shadows when SSAO isn't enabled.
    • Materials UI (Lirusaito) with some enhancements from Firestorm (Cinder Roxley).
      • Thanks to Ansariel for fixing a bug before it ever plagued us!
  • Freeze avatar while selecting attachments (Lirusaito, originally by Chalice Yao)
  • Support for variable-size regions for AuroraSim and (upcoming) OpenSim. Based on Firestorm version of the patch. (Lirusaito, Latif)
  • Added a menu toggle item at Advanced > UI > Show FPS. (SLB Wirefly)
  • Advanced -> Rendering -> Animate Trees re-enables Linden trees waving in the wind. (SLB)
  • Improved the reliability of the texture cache. (Shyotl)
  • Spanish translation updates. (Damian)
  • French translation updates. (Nomade)
  • Clicking on clock toggles display of local time. (Lirusaito)
  • Added support for GetMesh2 capability allowing for faster download of meshes. (Aleric)
  • Ability to show Whisper, Chat and Shout range rings on the MiniMap. (SLB)
    • Rings can be toggled by right clicking on the MiniMap
    • Made the chat rings aware of OpenSim chat range settings. (Lirusaito)
      • Thanks to Diva Canto for serverside support!
  • Implemented right click option on MiniMap to hide or show objects. (Jayden Beresford)
    • Added MiniMapPrimMaxAltitudeDelta and MiniMapPrimMaxAltitudeDeltaOwn debug settings which allow customization of which objects are shown on the mini-map based on proximity. (Lirusaito)
  • Fixed an issue with teleport failures and saving scripts taking a very long time on OpenSim regions run in the same simulator instance such as mega-regions (Aleric)
  • Allow typing grid login url directly into the grid field on the login panel without the need to open the grid manager. (Lirusaito)
  • Added Google Breakpad crash reporting system. (Latif)
    • By default the viewer will ask if the crash report should be sent to the Singularity Development Team in case the last run has crashed. This behaviour can be changed in Preferences -> General -> Crash reports where it can be permanently disabled or enabled. We encourage the users to send in these reports and help make Singularity more stable.
  • Use built-in web browser for displaying chat logs, making it cross-platform. (Lirusaito)
    • The old way is available for use on Windows via a checkbox in Adv. Chat UI
  • Fixed crashes on copy/paste operations on some Linux desktops (Aleric, Latif)
  • Focus depth of field under cursor in flycam. (Adeon Writer)
  • Several improvements of the instant message panels. (Lirusaito)
  • Add silent keep/discard inventory offer buttons adopted from Phoenix code. (SLB)
  • Audio engine improvements and bug fixes. (Shyotl)
  • Backported fixes for crashes when using the latest ATI drivers. (Siana)
  • Native 64-bit Windows support (Latif)

· 2 min read
Latif Khalifa

1.8.2 - Maintenance

posted Aug 28, 2013, 9:12 PM

This is a maintenance release that brings several fixes and improvements:

  • Fixed issues with the German translation where login notifications appeared as ‘[FIRST] [LAST] is online’ instead of showing the actual avatar name. (Melanie)
  • Updated Spanish translation. (Damian Zhaoying)
  • Adjusted handling of the export permissions. On Opensim, if the grid does not support explicit “export” permission, it now follows the rules that the original Imprudence exporter had. (Aleric)
  • On Windows, audio volume control for plugins is now working allowing gradual falloff in volume for prim media objects that are farther away. (Shyotl)
  • The crash when opening Bumps, Pushes, and Hits floater has been fixed (Inusaito)
  • “Show profile” button added on teleport and inventory offer notifications. (Inusaito)
  • Ability to show only legacy names for speakers (in Adv. Chat->Chat UI preferences). (Inusaito)
  • Legacy (pre-multiwear) wearables on some grids showed as (body part) shapes. Clothing (not body parts yet) now show with a (new) red question mark icon in the inventory, and can be used again. (Aleric)
  • When uploading animations, save the values for ease-in and -out parameters, for future uploads. (Inusaito)
  • Disable/Enable UI shortcut changed to Ctrl-Shift-F1 on Linux since the default Ctrl-Alt-F1 is used for switching virtual consoles. The same has been done for the other ctrl-alt-F# shortcuts on Linux. (Inusaito)
  • Added the ability to save textures from the inventory menu. (Inusaito)
  • Added an option to open inventory folders in a new separate window. (Inusaito)
  • Added an option to show landmarks on map (Inusaito)
  • Imported changes from Linden viewer to introduce consistent ground texture generation and fix crashes in mesh upload (Sovereign Engineer)
  • Added an option to hear speakers at the same volume unaffected by position (Tigh MacFanatic)

Again, we would like to thank everyone who has helped make Singularity better by testing alphas, reporting bugs, and suggesting useful features.

· 2 min read
Latif Khalifa
Liru Færs

1.8.3 - Release

posted Sep 18, 2013, 4:45 AM by Latif Khalifa [ updated Sep 18, 2013, 5:26 PM by Liru Færs ]

This release brings fixes for a couple of crashes and several other improvements:

  • Much improved Collada exporter, which now has the ability to export textures, apply texture parameters such as repeats, offset and others to the exported UV map, combine prim faces with the same texture and color into one submesh and optionally skip transparent faces (Latif)
  • Restored Teleport, Pay, and Log buttons in the IM window (Inusaito)
  • Spanish translation update (Damian)
  • Fixed a crash in audio code (Siana)
  • Fixed a crash when RLV is enabled and viewing inventory was forbidden (Aleric)
  • Made the map dot color for everyone else customizable (Inusaito)
  • Fixed a problem with long teleports in OpenSim (“4096 bug” SVC-2941 FIRE-11593 ) (Latif)
  • New debug settings (Inusaito)
    • ResetViewTurnsAvatar allows preventing avatar turning when camera position is reset after zooming (addresses VWR-27956)
    • LiruNewMessageSound allows users to mark a specific chat session important, so “ding” sound is played for every message, not just when the conversation first starts.
    • NewIMsPerConversation when set will count number of new IM conversations, not just total number of new IM messages when the communicate window is closed.
      • NewIMsPerConversationReset allows new IMs button’s visibility to be reset when the communicate window has been opened and closed
    • LogShowHistoryLines allows setting the number of lines displayed in a new IM window from the previous conversation (Aleric)

Big thanks to everyone who has helped make Singularity better by testing alphas, reporting bugs, and suggesting useful features.