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What to do when Singularity crashes?

Collect crash logs as described on Second Life wiki and attach them to issue tracker, or send them to me.

Voice license cannot be accepted - choice greyed out

Problem appears to be related to certain firewall workings and buggy check for accessibility of Vivox server in Singularity. Following steps can be taken to work around the problem:

  1. Go into Advanced -> Debug Settings
  2. set WarnFirstVoiceLicense to FALSE
  3. set VivoxLicenseAccepted to TRUE

Singularity doesn't run when TeamViewer is logged in

Version 1.6.0 should fix this problem.

Plugin to handle type 'text/html' not found

This is a severe problem. It means embedded web-browser, file upload/download and other operations will be broken. Common reason for this is SLPlugin.exe being blocked by an anti-virus because of a false positive. If you have Symantec antivirus or PC Tools antivirus, please read on here.

How to completely clear the cache and settings

With Windows Vista/7, there are two simple commands you can use to delete all files in your cache and reset all settings to the defaults. The second one works in Windows XP as well, but the first one does not. You can try one or both if you are having problems:

  • Open a command prompt (Start -> Run... -> cmd\<ENTER>)
  • To delete the cache:
    • del /S %localappdata%\SingularityViewer\*
  • To delete ALL settings for all avatars (including custom Windlight/environments):
    • del /P /S %APPDATA%\SecondLife\*.xml