Read Before Using

Please pay attention to the following vital information before using Singularity Viewer.

Singularity Viewer only supports SSE2 compliant CPUs. All computers manufactured 2004 and later should have one.

Please be sure to review our Compliance and Privacy Policy.

This is not a product by Linden Lab, the creators of Second Life, although its intended use is access of Second Life service. Be aware that Linden Lab will not respond to support requests involving third-party clients such as this. If you have second thoughts, use official Second Life Viewer provided by Linden Lab.

As no dedicated support team is in place, no user support can be guaranteed. Users are expected to offer mutual help with issues, and seek help from other users first. If you have identified a regression bug - something which works correctly in Ascent or Snowglobe but doesn't in Singularity, as well as for feature requests, I welcome you to contact me, Siana Gearz, directly.

Warning: RLVa is enabled by default, which permits your attachments to take more extensive control of the avatar than default behavior of other viewers. Foreign, rezzed in-world, non-worn objects can only take control of your avatar if actively permitted by corresponding scripted attachments you wear. Please refer to documentation of your RLV-enabled attachments for details, if you have any.



The very latest versions of Singularity are our nightly builds.

Windows 32-bit

Singularity Viewer 1.8.7(Alpha) Setup

Windows 64-bit

Compatible with 64-bit version of Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and newer. Known limitation is the lack of support for the Quicktime plugin which means that certain types of parcel media will not play. Streaming music and shared media (MoaP) are not affected and are fully functional.

Mac OS X

Compatible with OS X 10.6 and newer, Intel CPU.

Singularity Viewer 1.8.6(6156) OS X

Linux 64-bit

This version has been built using Ubuntu 14.04 and should work on a variety of modern distributions.
For voice to work, minimal support for running 32-bit binaries is necessary. may be needed. Possible package names: lib32asound2-plugins (squeeze), alsa-plugins-pulseaudio.i686 (fedora), libasound2-plugins:i386 (debian/ubuntu).
If you receive "The following media plugin has failed: media_plugin_webkit" you may need to install the package containing for your distribution (could be pangox-compat).

Linux 32-bit

Make sure you have 32-bit versions of gstreamer-plugins-base, gstreamer-plugins-ugly and libuuid1 installed. The package has been built on Debian Squeeze and should work on a variety of distributions.
If you receive "The following media plugin has failed: media_plugin_webkit" you may need to install the package containing for your distribution (could be pangox-compat).

Source Code

Source code can be downloaded, and development progress can be followed on GitHub.
Alpha, or work in progress, builds are offered here, stability varies, but feedback is strongly encouraged.

Alternate Skins

Our skins package may be downloaded from here, it is compliant with 1.8.1 and newer.
To add all the skins, extract this package into the viewer install directory, that's usually C:\Programs Files\Singularity\ on Windows, /Applications/ on Mac, and wherever you extracted the tarball to on Linux.  Just merge the extracted skins directory with the existing skins directory, there should be no conflicts.

Other Things*

PyFX - A Visual Mod that requires some directed manual tweaking.

The Vault of Obsolete and Obscure Versions

Singularity Viewer 1.6.0(0) Setup (Windows)
Singularity Viewer 1.6.0(0) Setup (Linux)
Singularity Viewer 1.5.10(2) Setup (Windows)
Singularity Viewer 1.5.10(2) Setup (Windows, Athlon XP only)
Singularity Viewer 1.5.10(0) (OS X)
Singularity Viewer 1.5.10(1) (Linux)
Singularity Viewer 1.5.9(1) Setup (Windows)
Singularity Viewer 1.5.9(2) (Linux)

*The Singularity Viewer team does not maintain Third Party downloads, in no event shall the copyright holder or contributors be liable for any damages however caused and on any theory of liability arising in any way out of the use of this software, even if advised of the possibility of such damage.