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Privacy Policy

Linden Lab Terms of Service compliance

I, Siana Gearz (Second Life Resident) am the sole maintainer of Singularity Viewer, and to the best of my knowledge and effort, Singularity is fully compatible to Second Life/ Linden Lab Terms of Service and Third Party Viewer Policy and shall stay that way.

Be advised that nonetheless, you use the software at your own risk, including the risks stemming from possible, not yet discovered TOS violations! Check the website frequently to make sure you always use the latest version of the software to minimize such risk.

Privacy Policy

This website may collect and maintain anonymized access data by means of Google Analytics - this includes time, approximate location, and navigational habits. The Maintainer reserves the right to collect such data not only from website visits, but also upon Singularity Viewer startup by the means of a splash page on the login screen. Right is reserved to introduce opt-in automated crash data collection in the future. Crash logs contain private information which can be used to identify you. Crash data will then be automatically sent to the Maintainer, who promises to keep the data private, and only use it to aid the improvement of software.

Right now, no automated collection of crash data by Singularity Viewer maintainer takes place. If you send crash reports in an automated manner, they will go to the Grid maintainer, such as Second Life.

Right now, no custom splash page for Singularity Viewer is in place. The viewer communicates directly with the splash page of the specific grid, such as Second Life.

Depending on the settings, Singularity Viewer will establish connections to ( for the purpose of updating data such as viewer detection list, grid list, and information about most recent version of Singularity Viewer. No identifying information is gained from such requests. The web server may log IP address and timestamp in nominal manner. This information may be used to mitigate targeted attacks and improve the reliability of the server. No other evaluation of this information will be done and it will be disposed of regularly.

If you use the IRC chat, forum, mailing list or a bug tracker, information which you disclose will be displayed publicly - be wise - i won't clean up behind you, and in some cases might be even unable to! If you need to send something to the Maintainer without it becoming public, use e-mail.

If, by some mistake, the data is acquired in a way not disclosed here, it will be disposed of and not used.

If the terms of privacy policy change, notification will be posted onto the news page and in the in-world group. The new terms are effective as of such notification.