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One of the members of our Singularity Research Team (a white stoat), was working late one night on Project Z1, a device created to establish and contain a small localized singularity. He recalibrated the device with his latest changes, started it up, put on his gear and went into the observation room. Everything seemed to be working out well, and he went to observe closer, the gravity pulled him in and the anomaly collapsed around him, knocking him out. He came to the next day in medical, during the event, the equipment took the brunt of the blow for him, merging with his body from the force. He had become one with Z1, and thus took on the more familial moniker Zoey. In time, he found he could control the technology he'd fused with, and since it was his own design he could also make modifications to the code. Using his abilities, Zoey now creates the Singularity and does research by diving straight into it, becoming a mink. Free to live on the wild side, taking the riskier paths in this new exciting reality, free to go where he would not dare in his normal life.


Zoey has two forms:

The Researcher

The researcher, a white stoat, who can typically be found wearing a lab-coat and spectacles.


Z1, a dark mink in a black hoodie, with our team’s logo on a bow on the back of his head


The portal (an incarnation of our logo) represents the Singularity, through which you travel to enter other (virtual) worlds.

The contrast between the forms represents the duality of the real life and the virtual one.

The “Shh” gesture implies the stealth of the virtual reality identity. We chose a mink for their ability to dive into the pool of virtual reality.

Zoey is kept in git and is available for viewing and download here.
Zoey is licensed to Singularity Viewer under the same free license as Singularity Viewer and dual licensed under Creative Commons BY-SA.
Zoey was designed by Tyson Tan, who offers mascot design service for free and open source software, free of charge, under free license.
Contact: [email protected]