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Nightly Builds

This is the directory of our latest and greatest builds. The best, most recent one is at the top.

 Recent Builds  Win32
 Win64  Linux64  Mac Download Download Download - Download Download Download - Download Download Download -  Download  Download  Download  -  Download  Download  Download  Download  Download  Download  -  Download  Download  Download  -  Download  Download  Download  -  Download  Download   Download
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 GDrive  GDrive  Link  Link
 Go here for even older alphas (that no longer work on SL).

Make sure you have CrashSubmitBehavior set to 1 in Debug Settings, so we can fix your crashes!


  • Why does the URL say alchemy viewer?
    • Singularity and Alchemy share a lot of development infrastructure, including our build system and some of our engineers!
  • Why isn't there a better way to view these builds?
    • We're focused on the viewer right now, so we haven't yet made a site for pretty presentation of these.
  • This all seems scary, how can I trust it?
    • You're on our site right now, if you can trust our words, you can trust the nightly.