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Nightly Builds

Here's how to get the latest and greatest builds of Singularity Viewer:
  1. Go to our Bamboo:
    1. For the beta go here
    2. For the alpha go here
  2. Find the installers at the bottom of the page and download/run the one for your platform
For older builds from our bamboo, follow these steps
  1. Go to our Bamboo page.
  2. Click on whatever build you want to try with a green checkmark icon
  3. Look for the Installer and download/run it.
For linux and mac nightlies see this page, for our even older alphas (that no longer work on SL), see here.


  • What is Bamboo?
    • Bamboo is a build system that allows us to get new builds made and deployed to users like you, automatically, shortly after we send our changes to GitHub (where all our source code is published).
  • Why does the URL say alchemy viewer?
    • Because Singularity and Alchemy share a lot of development infrastructure, including our build system and some of our engineers!
  • Why isn't my platform covered by Bamboo?
    • We haven't gotten it sorted out, yet. Have patience, it will be, for now use the older nightly page above.
  • Where are the mac nightlies?
    • We're working on that, please be patient.
  • Why isn't there a better way to view these builds?
    • We're focused on the viewer right now, so we haven't yet made a site for pretty presentation of these.
  • This all seems scary, how can I trust it?
    • You're on our site right now, if you can trust our words, you can trust the nightly.