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Nightly Builds

This is the directory of our latest and greatest builds. The best, most recent one is at the top.
For our latest stable release, see our downloads page.

 Recent Builds  Win32
 Win64  Linux64  Mac Download Download Download - Download Download Download  Download  Download  Download  -  Download  Download  Download  -  Download  Download  Download  -  Download  Download  Download  -  Download  Download  Download  -  Download  Download  Download  -  Download  Download  Download  -  Download  Download  Download  Download  Download  Download  -  Download  Download  Download  -  Download  Download  Download  -  Download  Download   Download
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 GDrive  GDrive  Link  Link
 Go here for even older alphas (that no longer work on SL).

Make sure you have CrashSubmitBehavior set to 1 in Debug Settings, so we can fix your crashes!


  • Why does the URL say alchemy viewer?
    • Singularity and Alchemy share a lot of development infrastructure, including our build system and some of our engineers!
  • Why isn't there a better way to view these builds?
    • We're focused on the viewer right now, so we haven't yet made a site for pretty presentation of these.
  • This all seems scary, how can I trust it?
    • You're on our site right now, if you can trust our words, you can trust the nightly.