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Building from Source on Mac

Note: Building for mac from the master branch of our current repository will no longer work, these instructions are now being updated, but we're still eagerly accepting assistance. Come visit us on freenode #singularityviewer.

Note: This will only work on MacOS 10.13 and newer, using XCode 10.


Open the AppStore and install the latest version of XCode. Run XCode once to accept the license, then run:
xcode-select --install
You'll need to enable installing apps from anywhere for our prerequisites, open a terminal and run:
sudo spctl --master-disable
Download and install CMake, then install the CMake command line tools with this command:
sudo "/Applications/" --install
Install autobuild:
sudo easy_install pip
sudo pip install autobuild -i
Refer to Building the FMOD Studio Package to create the FMOD package the viewer requires for audio.
In a terminal, clone the Singularity source and configure it for building:
git clone singularity
cd singularity/
autobuild configure -c Release -- -DFMODSTUDIO:BOOL=ON


Open a terminal and run the following:
cd singularity/
autobuild build -c Release --no-configure
Compiling may take a while, take a break.


In Finder you will be able to navigate from your home folder to singularity/build-darwin-i386/newview, here you can find which you can run directly and
a dmg installer image with a name like Singularity_Test_1_8_7_7029.dmg that you can use to install.


In a terminal, you may check for updates by running:
cd singularity/
git fetch
If this command gives any output, that means there's new code available, download it by running:
git pull
To have the build number change for certain:
touch indra/newview/CMakeLists.txt
Finally, repeat the Compiling step to update your build.