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Version 1.5.2 released!

posted Jan 2, 2011, 7:46 AM by Siana Gearz   [ updated Jan 3, 2011, 5:59 PM ]
  • Rolled back a number of optimizations or made them optional for the sake of initial stability. Instructions for testing optimizations will be published on the Knowledge Base soon.
  • Fixed a number of crash reasons within OpenJPEG.
  • Removed leftover texture comment decoder - couldn't see it used anywhere, but it leaked a TON of memory and reduced performance.
  • Linked in Google TCMalloc - memory fragmentation and long-time use plummeted immensely.
  • Reimplemented texture fetcher by borrowing from Henri and reworking from there. Fixes a cache issue but changes behaviour slightly. Sorry Thickbrick -.-
  • Implemented rapid fallback to Sim through short term blacklist in case HTTP texture fetch misbehaves.
  • A dozen assorted fixes to Display Names and RLVa, thanks to Phoenix Viewer project.
  • Group name in Chat Console fixed.
  • Alpha and Tattoo layers repaired.
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