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1.5.3 released - Windows and Linux

posted Jan 14, 2011, 9:00 AM by Siana Gearz
  • Auto detects group limits - enjoy 42 groups on Second Life!
  • HTML links get detected in group notices
  • Minor Display Name fixup - no more "Resident"
  • Dark skin made closer to original
  • Vivox license compliance
  • Auto Deruth considers more cases
  • Stars shouldn't poke out your eyes on ATI any longer
  • Reworked inventory view - fixes items displayed twice in spite of being only present once. Search by creator might work worse than it used to
  • Camming from Minimap fixed
  • Minimap: right click option
  • Fixed some texture fetch corner cases
  • Object picking in Abuse Report is made more reliable
Go ahead, head to Downloads!